The Facebook Outage of Monday was a sad one...

I'm really pained yesterday which was Monday was a really bad one for me, like i was very sad. 

I got so many messages from a lot of business owners yesterday and i could literally feel their pains in their messages and voice notes.

  They were loosing customers and i just had too keep on encouraging them and to be honest, it got to a stage where i became short of words, like when you see a business owner depressed because of losses that feeling is not a good one at all. Especially in a situation you have no control over don't even imagine it at all because it's a really bad feeling and i don't wish it on anyone at all. 

At a time i just had to leave my phone for a few minutes i was going crazy seeing business owners trooping into my Dm with the pain in their voices.

A chat i had with a business owner yesterday.

The Facebook outage of Monday should be a very big lesson for every business owner to never rely on the platform because they don't own it and also because they have no control over whatever happens(just like the other time WhatsApp was down for over 24 hours people cried into my DM) as they could wake up the next day and see that all their accounts have been banned for no good reason at all...

If this happens what happens to your customers?, would they still have access to you?, would you still be able to sell or you have to start getting customers afresh?(You would hate yourself for this one), come to think about what happens?.

Even the Whatsapp outage also says it all like i couldn't count the number of business owners that sent me messages on Telegram and all i had to was just encourage them because the experience was really terrible.

Above all i kept thinking overnight on how to help these business owners because these messages were getting too much and it was driving me crazy.

So i finally came up with something i would be offering a 20% discount on all websites so instead of ₦80,000 you pay ₦60,000.

I can only hep 30 businesses with this although 12 businesses have already been taken and work has started on their websites so we have only 18 slots left.

Meaning if you are seeing this and you have the capacity it would be better for you to act immediately because the slots are getting filled up really fast as you could see this tomorrow or later in the day and you don't have chances anymore.

I think it would be fair to let you know what you are getting...

Once you are in for the offer you would be getting the following features and every other thing your business needs to run no matter the outage even if there is an outage your customers would still be able to chat you up no matter what. 

  • Customer service plugin - With this your customers can reach you anytime any day no outage at all 100% guaranteed!!!.
  • Free domain name for 1 year - You get a free website address for a year.
  • Free SSL for 1 year - This is a very important security aspect of your website especially for those that would be accepting payments.
  • Automated Shipping fees - All you have to do is send me the delivery cost of all locations your country and it will be automated meaning customers will be automatically charged for shipping once they place orders so you don't have to worry about that.
  • Discount or coupon system - With this you can offer discounts on certain products to your customers when they shop.
  • VAT(Value Added Tax) - For businesses that charge their customers for VAT on every purchase this can be integrated to.
  • Payment System - This would be used to accept payments on your website either via credit cards, USSD, bank transfers or VisaQR.
  • And a lot more. 

No outage no matter what should stop your business or even put you out of business never rely on a social media platform if you do they would send you back to your village.

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